How Luxury Brands Should Approach Indian Market?

Despite the economic slowdown across the world, the size of the global luxury market is estimated to be around $2 trillion. The BRICS markets, more specifically China and India rather than Brazil and Russia, have been in the spotlight for the past few years. However, luxury marketers in China last year faced many challenges relating

How to sell it to millennial?

1. Dress to express: Millennials wear bold and maximalist designs to make a statement on social media Luxury retail has long been about playing safe. Catwalks were filled with colour, but stores still bought the version in black. Not anymore.[1] Vibrant colours and maximalist patterns are making a comeback. With social media, Instagram in particular, being

10 Simple Style Rules That Will Make You a Fashion Guru

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You don’t have to take a course of lectures or even follow the latest fashion shows to transform your own style and make sense of what modern fashion is all about. All you have to do is take a look at the streets of New York. The inhabitants of this incredible city look so unique that you can’t help but feel inspired. We gathered together ten basic rules which every fashion
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