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For a man, clothes are in most cases probably an afterthought. Not many men out there worry about what they are going to wear. They usually wear something that they find at first go. But not anymore! There are hundreds of places where men can get their modern fashion ideas and fashion inspirations from and that is why today there is no excuse for not dressing well.

If you are already inspired, then here are 10 real modern fashion tips that can help you look dapper all the time.

1. Why the right fit is so important?

For men, the effect will be positive if the clothes fit well. If you already have lots of clothes, it is important that you get them fitted to your body. It just looks better that way. Wearing ill-fitting clothes looks really bad and if you want to look nice, you have to stop wearing them. It takes very little time and effort to send your ill-fitting clothes to the tailor. It does not cost a lot and it can make a huge difference in how you look.

2. Lots of Jackets are Good

Jackets are one of the modern fashion wears because they can make anyone stand out. If you don’t have a lot of jackets, then your wardrobe may be a boring one. It is a good idea to say hello to smart jackets and funky colors. If you want to look dapper, it is important that you wear things that not a lot of people have the guts to wear. Jackets with a little bit of embroidery on them are one of the best jackets for men, or something that is out of the ordinary can be a smart choice. You can pair them with jeans.

3. Think Beyond Denim

Streetwear fashion is a lot about jeans and that is completely fine. Jeans are no doubt great and they make for very good fashion wear. But if you want to be that person people look up to for fashion ideas, then you have to think beyond denims. Wear a shirt but instead of pairing it with denims, choose a pair of chinos. Not only will it be fun for you, but you will also look different from other men.

4. T-shirts Are Your Friend

Are you someone who doesn’t wear T-shirts anymore? Do you think that they are too ‘’high school’’ for you? Then you couldn’t be more wrong. Fashion stories in magazines are all about celebrities looking cool in funky graphic T-shirts on their way to pick up coffee. They look cool and there is no age when you should stop wearing them. In fact, while you are at it, choose unisex T-shirts that scream high fashion!

5. Buy Statement Pieces Of Clothing

For men, street wear fashion is about buying some fun statement pieces that will enhance your sense of style so that you become fashion inspiration to others. There are so many great pieces you can try: a statement jacket, a piece of jewelry or a nice pair of pool man sanders. Just one piece can transform your look and make you look better than you did previously!

6. Buy A Suit

A suit can change the way a man looks and it is an integral part of the fashionable man’s wardrobe. It is a good idea to get your suit tailored. It may cost you more, but it makes a lot of sense. First of all, you will have the suit exactly matched to your body. Secondly, it is going to last you longer because the quality is certainly going to be better. Modern fashion demands that a man has at least one good suit. And if you can afford it, buy a casual suit as well for informal occasions. Suits are important if you work in an office that demands formal or semi-formal clothing.

7. Consider Your Height When Shopping

Modern fashion is a lot about wearing clothing that suits you. This means that you have to consider the shape and size of your body as well. Height is an important consideration for men and if you are taller than average, then it is a good idea to shop for clothes that are made for your specific body type. There are shops catering to taller men and it is advisable that you shop from those.

8. The Hoodie

The hoodie is a wildly misinterpreted piece of fashion for men. If you don’t own a hoodie, then it’s time that you did. The hoodie fashion effect is great and today, you will see a lot of young men sporting them with aplomb. They are not just fashionable, but they can also make a casual look seem dapper. Want to get coffee in the morning? Wear a hoodie. Want to hide the hangover in class? Wear a hoodie. Wear hoodies with jeans by themselves or over a T-shirt and see the difference it makes to your style. It is such an easy way to add modern clothes to your wardrobe.

9. Layer More

This is a fashion sense that women knew a long time back. But now men can use this same fashion sense for their benefit as well. Layering is such an awesome way to up your style quotient and looks dapper. Layering does not mean that you start wearing multiple pieces of clothing; it means that you do it smartly. Layering is an art that you ought to learn. In this too, hoodies can be a great piece of clothing to own. You can use it to layer them in a beautiful way.

10. Modern Fashion

There is a lot about taking what you have and building on it. You don’t have to suddenly start buying lots of different clothes; just a few pieces can work wonders! Funkiness that has an edge to it is great and if you can incorporate funky into your wardrobe, you will find that you have fashion effects on other people who will want to look like you. Constantly improving your sense of style and clothing will ensure that you look good all the time.

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